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Review: Nanoxidil DNC-N (english)

Product: Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)
Price $27,95 per bottle of 60ml (1 month)
Bought at: (NL - Dutch)

General Description
Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)
Spectral DNC-N is the premium product by DS Labarotories. According to them their new technique 'Nanoxidil' is an substantial improvement compared to "Minoxidil", because of smaller molecules that will easier reach the hair follicle, and thus a better effect. It also contains some other ingredients (see below) that standard Minoxidil doesn't.

Spectral DNC comes in a very nice bottle (what do you expect from such an expensive product!) Instead of using a pipet they have switched to a sprayhead. This sprayhead is very easy to use and is definitely an improvement over a pipette.
The liquid feels thicker / fuller that minoxidil and has a dark brown color. It feels more comfortable on the scalp (and hands) and I personally think that it is indeed better then Minoxidil. However, the dark brown color is a huge disadvantage. The liquid that is left behind can form a kind of brown crusts on the scalp, a very ugly sight. In addition, the liquid is more sticky; messing up your hair (style). So far I have not found a way to apply Spectral DNC in the morning and  not walk around like a fool .. I only use it in the evening, or when I don't have to go outside for a few hours (and wash it out)

What can you expect?
Do not expect miracles from nanoxidil. It is perhaps a slightly more advanced then minoxidil, but it will not bring huge results. Until now, however, I feel moderately positive. The liquid feels better than minoxidil and also absorbs better. This could well be the next step and set the standard for minoxidil, however, something must be done about the brown color.

Side Effects
DS Labarotories says that Spectral DNC has little or no side effects.
Important to mention is that until now I have no side effects of Nanoxidil, something I have had with minoxidil. However, I use the nanoxidil only once a day, so the comparison is not entirely fair.

If money is no object, I would definitely prefer this product over Minoxidil. However, with a price of almost $35 per month, the question remains whether it is worth it.

Price: 2/5. Expensive!
Workings: 4/5 - quite positive.
Ease of use: 3/5 - Aborsbs better than Minxodil, but can leave brown spots.
Final grade: 3.5

For a comparison between Nanoxidil and Minoxidil please have a look here.

Ingredients: Gedeïoniseerd water, gehydrolyseerde lupineproteïne, panax ginseng wortel extract, Nanoxidil (5%), adenosine, butyleenglycol, Aminexil, arginine, fosfolipiden (nanosomen), acetyltyrosine, propeenglycol, arctium majus wortelextract ,gehydroliseerde soya proteïne, procyanidin B2, polyquaternium-11, ricinusolie, polydimethylsiloxaan, cetrimoniumchloride, pantotheenzuur, apigenine, ethanol, isolaureth-6, zink gluconaat, taurine, koperacetaat (koper-peptide), niacinamide, oleanolzuur , ornithine HCL, ritrulline, retinol, glucosamine, propyleenglycol, T-flavanone, biotinolyl-tripeptide, biotine, di-methyconol, siliconen quarternium panthotheen.

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