Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Spectral DNC-S (first opinion)

Spectral DNC-S is the newst product by DS Laboratories, creator of RevitaSpectral.UHP and Nanoxidil.

According to them this is their most advanced product until now; so advanced that it comes in two seperate bottles.

Because I have always been quite enthusiastic about their list of products, I am very curious about the new Spectral DNC-S.

Does Spectral DNC-S work?

Online research does not teach me a lot. Actually the most information I can found comes from webshops or from DS Laboratories themselves. Yes they have very advanced ingredients, good research and a whole range of promises, but is this true? Does Spectral DNC-S really work?
The best way to know this is to find user reviews! But there aren't many. Both in English and Dutch (my home language) I cannot find much information. But to give you a general overview. There are some people with positive experiences. They see they experience a feeling when they apply it, that it feels like it works. Also that it feels comfy and that appliance is really easy.
But on the other side there are people saying that the substance is really greasy; or that the product is no better then Minoxidil.

Without any long-term results it is hard to draw conclusions! Also I remain skeptic.. The promises are huge, the ingredients look great and the research looks trustworthy. However, we will have to wait for more reliable user reviews until we really know something. If you would like to read more about the product I advice you to go to the DS Laboratories website.

Spectral DNC-S test

Right now I am considering to start the product myself. I am very curious whether it does what it promises. Whether this is the future or that we will all continue the old but reliable Minoxidil. Results should be visible within 3 months, without any side effects! This might be worth a try...

The current price is a little steep. Around 45 dollar for 1 package; but this contains two bottles which last two monts in total. So around 22 dollars a month.

When I have tested this product more elaborate I will of course provide you with an update! Until then I will keep searching the different fora; and please let me know whenever you have a user experience of your own!

You can read a Dutch version here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Toppik fibers (concealer)

Product: Toppik (brown)
Bought at: (NL - Dutch)

General DescriptionToppik is a concealer used to hide and cover up thinning hair. It uses static charged fibers that attach to you hair. It is critical that you have enough hair left for the fibers to attach to. The effect is quite amazing; making thin hair look full again. If you have enough thinning hair left, you can make it look full again using a concealer.

How to use (important!)More is less! Don't use to much is my most important remark. When I look in retrospect I used way to much in the beginning. This might give you a full look in your bathroom, but in many situations this will be absolutely shamefull.. Things like wind, water and bright light might expose your use of toppik. If you use to much the fibers will actually lay on your skin, not on your hair. When you start sweating it might become brown.. So don't use to much!

1)Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry2) Gently shake some toppik on your thinning spots. Use very small shakes. It is better to do 10 times a little than once using alot. This makes it attach better to your hair.
3) Easily rub your hair (sometimes use a comb) to remove any leftover toppik

4* (optional) Use the Spray Applicator in combination with the hairline optimized for an extra effect.  It takes some getting used to but improvs the end result.

5) Make sure not to much toppik has landed on your skin. In this case you might remove this with a swab and some water.

6) Finish it with a spray. Personally I use cocos spray. It makes your hair shine; so it looks like you have some hair product in it even though you don't. If you do use hair products your hair sticks together, making it look thin..Also the spray can prevent the drying effect caused by toppik. Also te fibers are more firmly fixaded to your hiar. 

GRADESEffect: 4.5/5  Toppik does what it is supposed to do; maximing your hair thickness. However, be carefull that in some situations toppik is not optimal (rain, wind, water). 

Cosmetic Effect: 5/5 Thinning hair is gone! But be sure that you have some hair left..Price: 3/5. Relatively expensive. But if you want you can use it every other day or just when you need it. Final Grade:4.5/5

Negatives- It is not 100% weather proof. It might run in water or blow away wind.- You are always afraid that people will see it.- It is quite addictive..Once you start it will be hard to stop using it.- Some mess in your bathroom..but nothing bad.

Ingredients Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, May Contain: FD&C Yellow No.6, FD&C Yellow No.5, D&C Red No.22, D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Blue No.1, D&C Green No.5, FD&C Green No.3, D&C Green No.6, D&C Orange No.4.,

You can find the Dutch (NL) version here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Nanoxidil versus Minoxidil

Many people have asked me the same kind of questions:
"which one is better, minoxidil or nanoxidil?"
"It is really worth the price difference?"
"Which one should I buy?"

So let's start at the beginning.
Nanoxidil belongs to the premium line of DS laboratories. It is an development upon minoxidil; and it is claimed to be more effective and to give better results.
For a full story about the product please have a look at my review.

Nanoxidil VS.  Minoxidil

price: high - low
availability: good - good
side effects: minor (to none?) - minor to some
ease of use: good - average
color: Brown - Clear
working: good - good

Especially the last one is a tricky one. As I am only one person I will be unable to evaluate both products. The feeling I got from nanoxidil was better compared to Minoxidil. It feels like it absorbs better; and so far I had no side effects with nanoxidil. Be aware that the brown color of nanoxidil might leave some stains on your be carefull when applying or make sure to wash your hair after a few hours..

For me Nanoxidil still is the better product. The questions remains however wheter the price is worth the extra benefits..As they are quite minor; you have to decide for yourself. If you have money to spare, go for nanoxidil, if money is tight, go for minoxidil.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Revita shampoo

Product: Revita Shampoo
Price: 24,- for 250 ml.
Bought at:
The shampoo is relatively expensive; but you only need a small amount per wash.

Ingrediënts Apple polyphenol, Copper peptides, Spin traps, Ketoconazole, Rooibos, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Caffeine, Carnitine tartrate, Amino acids, Emu oil, Biotin, Ketoconazole (1%)
General Description
Revita shampoo is made by DS Laboraties, producer of nanoxidil and minoxidil. They are one of the leaidng companies in the fight against hair loss. 
The shampoo has a comfortable structure that feels nice to your hair and skin, it is bright orange and has a nice scent. Use of the shampoo is easy and foam is relativily good. There is no SLS in the shampoo. 

How to use
To save some money you can best prewash your hair with a cheaper, mild shampoo (for example Jason Thin to Thick). Wash your hair and then apply Revita shampoo for about 3 to 5 minutes. Gently massage your head with your fingertips (NO NAILS). For an optimal results you should follow with a high quality conditioner, like Revita.COR.

Effectiveness:5/5 One of the most effective shampoo's out there. Many different ingredients should lead to good results. Compared to anti hair los products the effects will be only marginal, but this shampoo forms a good base. Your hair and scalp feels clean and refreshed.

Cosmetic Effect: 3/5 You will see a marginal cosmetic effect. The shampoo is developed to focus against hair loss. If you are looking for a cosmetic effect you might like Toppik products.

Scent: 4/5. Pleasant scent and struture

Price: 2/5. Quite expensive; however lasts a long time.
Final grade :4.5/5

Friday, May 10, 2013

Haircut thin hair (men)

Haircuts for men with thin hair
As you start losing hair it gets harder and harder to find a good haircut.. With a full set of hairs you can do whatever you want, short, curls, etc.

However, once your hair becomes thin or bald spots appear it becomes difficult. For years I have been searching myself for the optimal haircut.. and once can already guess where this (eventually) will end.

Whichever haircut you decide to take, always inspect it in different light settings! A haircut that looks great in your bathroom might be terrible out in the sun. Please be aware of this. Just take a mirror outside and have look.

Option 1: comb-over
Suited for: small bald spots 
Not suited for: advanced stages of hairloss

With a comb-over you let your hair grow and place it over the balding spots. This is especially suited if you only have a small bald spot, which often is the case on the crown.
If your hairloss progresses this haircut is not suited anymore. Please be aware of this, as you might think people don't notice your hairloss; but people do. Don't fool yourself and be realistic.

Comb over

Option two: Caeser-cut
Suited for: Thinning hair

With this haircut you shave the sides of your hair (much) shorter then the top, which makes it less obvious that your hair on top is thinner. It works with a lengt of 7-18 mm, with the sides between 33/66% of that.
Often this is a great haircut of you are not ready yet for really short hair.

Caeser Cut

Optie three: 3mm (clippers)
Suited for: average till heavy hair loss

A haircut that suits everybody! It can look very professional when wearing a tie and suit, but also though and sporty when just wearing jeans. The haircut is very easy to maintain, as you just your clippers to create it.


Option four: Bald!
Suited for: advanced hair loss

Definetely the most scariest one, but it might also be the most liberating one! Especially because this is a big step, people might admire you for doing it. It radiates authority and many women find it very attractive. It is more work then using clippers, but you can just use your razor blade in the shower. 


Do not forget your facial hair. Especially with thinning hair a nice, trimmed beard might look good. Try different styles and see what suited your face.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vichy Neogenic

A few months ago Vichy launched their long awaited product 'Neogenic'.
Expectations were high, as Vichy claimed regrowth of 1700 hairs within 3 months!

Unfortunately, their are many dissatisfied users.
Thousand of users have reported their negative findings on several forums, especially in America.
Most users experience minor or no regrow at all.
The product seems to be another highly marketed treatment, that does not live up to its name.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Nanoxidil DNC-N (english)

Product: Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)
Price $27,95 per bottle of 60ml (1 month)
Bought at: (NL - Dutch)

General Description
Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil)
Spectral DNC-N is the premium product by DS Labarotories. According to them their new technique 'Nanoxidil' is an substantial improvement compared to "Minoxidil", because of smaller molecules that will easier reach the hair follicle, and thus a better effect. It also contains some other ingredients (see below) that standard Minoxidil doesn't.

Spectral DNC comes in a very nice bottle (what do you expect from such an expensive product!) Instead of using a pipet they have switched to a sprayhead. This sprayhead is very easy to use and is definitely an improvement over a pipette.
The liquid feels thicker / fuller that minoxidil and has a dark brown color. It feels more comfortable on the scalp (and hands) and I personally think that it is indeed better then Minoxidil. However, the dark brown color is a huge disadvantage. The liquid that is left behind can form a kind of brown crusts on the scalp, a very ugly sight. In addition, the liquid is more sticky; messing up your hair (style). So far I have not found a way to apply Spectral DNC in the morning and  not walk around like a fool .. I only use it in the evening, or when I don't have to go outside for a few hours (and wash it out)

What can you expect?
Do not expect miracles from nanoxidil. It is perhaps a slightly more advanced then minoxidil, but it will not bring huge results. Until now, however, I feel moderately positive. The liquid feels better than minoxidil and also absorbs better. This could well be the next step and set the standard for minoxidil, however, something must be done about the brown color.

Side Effects
DS Labarotories says that Spectral DNC has little or no side effects.
Important to mention is that until now I have no side effects of Nanoxidil, something I have had with minoxidil. However, I use the nanoxidil only once a day, so the comparison is not entirely fair.

If money is no object, I would definitely prefer this product over Minoxidil. However, with a price of almost $35 per month, the question remains whether it is worth it.

Price: 2/5. Expensive!
Workings: 4/5 - quite positive.
Ease of use: 3/5 - Aborsbs better than Minxodil, but can leave brown spots.
Final grade: 3.5

For a comparison between Nanoxidil and Minoxidil please have a look here.

Ingredients: Gedeïoniseerd water, gehydrolyseerde lupineproteïne, panax ginseng wortel extract, Nanoxidil (5%), adenosine, butyleenglycol, Aminexil, arginine, fosfolipiden (nanosomen), acetyltyrosine, propeenglycol, arctium majus wortelextract ,gehydroliseerde soya proteïne, procyanidin B2, polyquaternium-11, ricinusolie, polydimethylsiloxaan, cetrimoniumchloride, pantotheenzuur, apigenine, ethanol, isolaureth-6, zink gluconaat, taurine, koperacetaat (koper-peptide), niacinamide, oleanolzuur , ornithine HCL, ritrulline, retinol, glucosamine, propyleenglycol, T-flavanone, biotinolyl-tripeptide, biotine, di-methyconol, siliconen quarternium panthotheen.