Monday, January 6, 2014

Nanoxidil versus Minoxidil

Many people have asked me the same kind of questions:
"which one is better, minoxidil or nanoxidil?"
"It is really worth the price difference?"
"Which one should I buy?"

So let's start at the beginning.
Nanoxidil belongs to the premium line of DS laboratories. It is an development upon minoxidil; and it is claimed to be more effective and to give better results.
For a full story about the product please have a look at my review.

Nanoxidil VS.  Minoxidil

price: high - low
availability: good - good
side effects: minor (to none?) - minor to some
ease of use: good - average
color: Brown - Clear
working: good - good

Especially the last one is a tricky one. As I am only one person I will be unable to evaluate both products. The feeling I got from nanoxidil was better compared to Minoxidil. It feels like it absorbs better; and so far I had no side effects with nanoxidil. Be aware that the brown color of nanoxidil might leave some stains on your be carefull when applying or make sure to wash your hair after a few hours..

For me Nanoxidil still is the better product. The questions remains however wheter the price is worth the extra benefits..As they are quite minor; you have to decide for yourself. If you have money to spare, go for nanoxidil, if money is tight, go for minoxidil.

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