Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Revita shampoo

Product: Revita Shampoo
Price: 24,- for 250 ml.
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The shampoo is relatively expensive; but you only need a small amount per wash.

Ingrediënts Apple polyphenol, Copper peptides, Spin traps, Ketoconazole, Rooibos, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Caffeine, Carnitine tartrate, Amino acids, Emu oil, Biotin, Ketoconazole (1%)
General Description
Revita shampoo is made by DS Laboraties, producer of nanoxidil and minoxidil. They are one of the leaidng companies in the fight against hair loss. 
The shampoo has a comfortable structure that feels nice to your hair and skin, it is bright orange and has a nice scent. Use of the shampoo is easy and foam is relativily good. There is no SLS in the shampoo. 

How to use
To save some money you can best prewash your hair with a cheaper, mild shampoo (for example Jason Thin to Thick). Wash your hair and then apply Revita shampoo for about 3 to 5 minutes. Gently massage your head with your fingertips (NO NAILS). For an optimal results you should follow with a high quality conditioner, like Revita.COR.

Effectiveness:5/5 One of the most effective shampoo's out there. Many different ingredients should lead to good results. Compared to anti hair los products the effects will be only marginal, but this shampoo forms a good base. Your hair and scalp feels clean and refreshed.

Cosmetic Effect: 3/5 You will see a marginal cosmetic effect. The shampoo is developed to focus against hair loss. If you are looking for a cosmetic effect you might like Toppik products.

Scent: 4/5. Pleasant scent and struture

Price: 2/5. Quite expensive; however lasts a long time.
Final grade :4.5/5


  1. This site states that Revita contains 1% ketoconazole. Is it possible to tell me where that information was obtained? I have searched all over to find a legitimate source to support the 1% claim but I have not found any and DS Labs does not disclose the actual amount. I have come across many sites that have said it's 1%, a handful that say 2%, and some that say less than 1%...but but in none of the cases is there any solid info to back it up. Thanks.

    1. Hello, good questions!

      You are correct that this 1% seems somewhat debatable. I can tell you for sure that it contains ketoconazole, and the most popular opinion is that it contains 1%.

      If you look at their website they talk about studies using 1%,, so it seems logical that they indeed use that percentage..However, it is not a conclusive answer.