Friday, May 10, 2013

Haircut thin hair (men)

Haircuts for men with thin hair
As you start losing hair it gets harder and harder to find a good haircut.. With a full set of hairs you can do whatever you want, short, curls, etc.

However, once your hair becomes thin or bald spots appear it becomes difficult. For years I have been searching myself for the optimal haircut.. and once can already guess where this (eventually) will end.

Whichever haircut you decide to take, always inspect it in different light settings! A haircut that looks great in your bathroom might be terrible out in the sun. Please be aware of this. Just take a mirror outside and have look.

Option 1: comb-over
Suited for: small bald spots 
Not suited for: advanced stages of hairloss

With a comb-over you let your hair grow and place it over the balding spots. This is especially suited if you only have a small bald spot, which often is the case on the crown.
If your hairloss progresses this haircut is not suited anymore. Please be aware of this, as you might think people don't notice your hairloss; but people do. Don't fool yourself and be realistic.

Comb over

Option two: Caeser-cut
Suited for: Thinning hair

With this haircut you shave the sides of your hair (much) shorter then the top, which makes it less obvious that your hair on top is thinner. It works with a lengt of 7-18 mm, with the sides between 33/66% of that.
Often this is a great haircut of you are not ready yet for really short hair.

Caeser Cut

Optie three: 3mm (clippers)
Suited for: average till heavy hair loss

A haircut that suits everybody! It can look very professional when wearing a tie and suit, but also though and sporty when just wearing jeans. The haircut is very easy to maintain, as you just your clippers to create it.


Option four: Bald!
Suited for: advanced hair loss

Definetely the most scariest one, but it might also be the most liberating one! Especially because this is a big step, people might admire you for doing it. It radiates authority and many women find it very attractive. It is more work then using clippers, but you can just use your razor blade in the shower. 


Do not forget your facial hair. Especially with thinning hair a nice, trimmed beard might look good. Try different styles and see what suited your face.

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