Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Toppik fibers (concealer)

Product: Toppik (brown)
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General DescriptionToppik is a concealer used to hide and cover up thinning hair. It uses static charged fibers that attach to you hair. It is critical that you have enough hair left for the fibers to attach to. The effect is quite amazing; making thin hair look full again. If you have enough thinning hair left, you can make it look full again using a concealer.

How to use (important!)More is less! Don't use to much is my most important remark. When I look in retrospect I used way to much in the beginning. This might give you a full look in your bathroom, but in many situations this will be absolutely shamefull.. Things like wind, water and bright light might expose your use of toppik. If you use to much the fibers will actually lay on your skin, not on your hair. When you start sweating it might become brown.. So don't use to much!

1)Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry2) Gently shake some toppik on your thinning spots. Use very small shakes. It is better to do 10 times a little than once using alot. This makes it attach better to your hair.
3) Easily rub your hair (sometimes use a comb) to remove any leftover toppik

4* (optional) Use the Spray Applicator in combination with the hairline optimized for an extra effect.  It takes some getting used to but improvs the end result.

5) Make sure not to much toppik has landed on your skin. In this case you might remove this with a swab and some water.

6) Finish it with a spray. Personally I use cocos spray. It makes your hair shine; so it looks like you have some hair product in it even though you don't. If you do use hair products your hair sticks together, making it look thin..Also the spray can prevent the drying effect caused by toppik. Also te fibers are more firmly fixaded to your hiar. 

GRADESEffect: 4.5/5  Toppik does what it is supposed to do; maximing your hair thickness. However, be carefull that in some situations toppik is not optimal (rain, wind, water). 

Cosmetic Effect: 5/5 Thinning hair is gone! But be sure that you have some hair left..Price: 3/5. Relatively expensive. But if you want you can use it every other day or just when you need it. Final Grade:4.5/5

Negatives- It is not 100% weather proof. It might run in water or blow away wind.- You are always afraid that people will see it.- It is quite addictive..Once you start it will be hard to stop using it.- Some mess in your bathroom..but nothing bad.

Ingredients Keratin, Ammonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, May Contain: FD&C Yellow No.6, FD&C Yellow No.5, D&C Red No.22, D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Blue No.1, D&C Green No.5, FD&C Green No.3, D&C Green No.6, D&C Orange No.4.,

You can find the Dutch (NL) version here.

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